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Shipping Methods 送貨方式

現貨產品會於確認訂單後 3-7 天內送出。如遇缺貨產品,Sportsman 專員將會以閣下提供之聯絡方式聯絡閣下,了解閣下之需要後再建議送貨日期或其他處理方式。一般而言,缺貨產品可於至少 14 個工作天後送出                                                                        

  •  大型或重型健身用品(20kg以上,如啞鈴/健身椅等):
    • Sportsman 提供免費送貨上門服務
      • Sportsman 專員將以閣下提供之聯絡方式與閣下確認送貨地址及時間(一般於平日晚上或周末及公眾假期任何時候送抵)
      • Sportsman專員將興閣下確認可供落貨之地點及額外收費。如遇特殊情況,如貨車不能直抵郵寄地址附近、地點不設電梯上樓、私人停車場申請入場或收費、住址位於離島或禁區內等,必須於 Sportsman 發貨前通知 Sportsman,以便確定是否需要額外收費
      • 如客人沒有於發貨前報備以上特殊情況(包括但不限)而導致送貨失敗、需安排二次運輸等情況,所有額外運費及費用均需由客戶承擔
    • 其他方式 / 自取
      • 歡迎顧客安排以其他方式取貨,請與 Sportsman 專員聯絡安排
      • 自取必須先行預約
  •  散件或輕型健身及健康用品(20kg以下)
    • 順豐或其他快遞公司送貨上門 (香港買家)  
      • 一律免費
      • 註:順豐已於2019年9月1日取消住宅及偏遠地區附加費
    • 順豐門市或順便智能櫃自取
      • 一律免費
      • 註:部分營業點或自取櫃有營業時間、使用或尺寸限制,敬請客人自行確認
    • 其他方式 / 自取
      • 如有需要,可提供地鐵沿線面交服務,顧客可與 Sportsman 專員聯絡
      • 自取必須先行預約
  • 如果任何爭議,Sportsman 保留最終決定權。以上條款及細則有機會更新,本公不作另行通知
In-stock orders will normally be dispatched within 3 to 7 days after order confirmation.  For out of stock orders, our Sportsman representatives will contact you via the method you provided during checkout.  Our designated representative will follow up your case closely.  Depending on your need, we will suggest an probable shipping time and / or offer other solutions.  Usually, out of stock products can be shipped after 14 working days after confirmation.
  • Heavy or large equipment (>20kg, such as dumbbells or bench etc.):
    • Sportsman offers free door-to-door delivery
      • Our representative will contact you to confirm shipping address and time (usually during weekday evenings or anytime during weekends and public holidays)
      • Additional information such as location for parking and off-loading will be needed.  Extra fee might be applied in the following situations:  buildings without lift which requires moving up stairs; available off-loading point far from the designated address;  private car parks requiring permit or parking fee, remote location such as outlying islands or restricted areas etc.  Please notify us in advance to avoid unnecessary returns by logistics
      • Should the above situations (included but not limited to) lead to second delivery or extra payment, the cost induced should be covered by the customer
    • Other methods / Self pickup
      • We welcome any other means of delivery or self pickup
      • For self pick up, please confirm and make appointment with our representative first
  • Light gears (<20kg):
    • By SF Express or other courier (HK area)
      • Free of charge door-to-door delivery
    • Pick up at SF Business Station, SF Stores or EF Lockers
      • Locations might have varies operation time, access or size limitation.  Customers should confirm by themselves.
    • Other methods / Self pickup
      • We may arrange handing over the good at MTR stations.  Please contact us for further details.
      • For self pick up, please confirm and make appointment with our representative first
  • Sportsman reserves the right for making final decision in case of any disputes.  Terms list above might be adjusted from time to time without prior notice.